Hungarian film production and service company

  • Extreme Film is a dynamic film production company in Budapest, Hungary, creating commercials, shorts and feature films.
  • Our service company is one of the oldest and most reliable among the film production companies on the market. Our significant position has been achieved by the high quality of producing large amount of commercials and providing film services for international productions.
  • Our production company was founded by Dalma Hidasi and Tamás Keményffy in 1996.
  • The founders and in-house directors winning half dozen prestigious awards. Their short films have been selected into competition at more than 50 international film festivals so far.
  • Our production company offers very advantageous personalized production package, production services, casting services, english speaking professional crew, equipments, accomodation services, low prices. The founding producer actively participate in the production from the start. With direct connections to the clients from the beginning each production task is managed down to its smallest detail. Our production services are coordinated only with the best available crew, equipment and facilities you can find in Hungary.
  • We are proud to say that Budapest offers a predictable, secure filming environment. For the productions, our company can serve extraordinary wealth and variety of locations in Hungary – retro, classic and modern sites.
  • We provide expertise and support for non-Hungarian commercials, and feature films shot on various Hungarian locations, on the historic streets of Budapest or one of the several Hollywood-standard sound stages and studios around the city.