Our normal overhead for advertisement films is 15 %, for feature films 10%, and for low budget films 8 %
12-hour workday including packing time and a lunch break of up to 1 hour.
50% Premium: before start of production or the acquiring of any materials 50% Final payment: According to end date of final account, but definitely before the production leaves Hungary. Extreme Film only delivers the negatives after the final account is settled.
For the benefit of our clients and for the sake of flexibility, Extreme Film contributes to changes in the production’s schedule at least 72 hours beforehand, provided the client covers all additional costs.
If the client cancels a production less than two weeks prior to the start of filming, the client is obliged to cover an additional 10% penalty along with preparational costs, and also all uncancellable items and services ordered by the production.
We sign a contract with our clients in which questions concerning the production are detailed with regards to both parties’ interests.
Our budget offer includes a general liability insurance and requisite insurance, with optional negative, weather risk or other insurance types.